ezoic review

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what I think, then I’d recommend Ezoic. Set-up is easy, customer service is one of the best I have ever worked with, and our EPMV has increased by 36% after one month! Go through the whole article to see the Ezoic review.

Our website is still relatively small at about the 10k visitors a month mark. If you have a blog this size or are just starting, I hope this will give you an idea of what to expect.

I plan to update this article every month so you can follow along on our progress with Ezoic. If there is anything else you would like to see in this review, just let me know too!

What is Ezoic?

The biggest reason why people decide to go with Ezoic and why I decided to go with Ezoic is that they claim they can increase your ad revenue through its data-driven AI system.

In fact, according to a study they conducted in 2019, they found that on average a site was able to increase their ad revenue by 260%, and EPMV, which means how much money you are making per 1,000 visitors, increased by 124% after integrating with Ezoic for one year.

result window

The study includes websites at all traffic levels from 2k visitors per month to 500k visitors per month. I thought it would be interesting to see what type of improvements a small site like ours with roughly 10k visitors per month could expect.

After filtering the data set from the study, this is what I found

  • Out of the 50 websites that are in the report, 9 websites started with Ezoic with monthly traffic below or near 10k visitors per month.
  • These 9 websites averaged a monthly revenue increase of 108.70%.
  • The same 9 websites averaged a monthly EPMV increase of 46.82%.
  • What is notable is that in 3 out of the 9 sites, monthly traffic declined after a year while EPMV still increased. In my opinion, this is likely due to Ezoic’s AI system optimizing the ad configuration on these sites to best service its different visitor segments.
  • The increase in revenue isn’t the only benefit you get from integrating your site with Ezoic. Here are some of the other big advantages you get compared to other ad platforms that you can apply for at the 10k visitors per month level.

Automated Multivariate Testing

It would be close to impossible to test and optimize all the combinations of ad placements and, layouts at the scale Ezoic does. Just to give you an idea of the number of combinations that Ezoic is testing for you AUTOMATICALLY, take a look at this chart, which shows the number of ad combinations tested based on how many ad placeholders you place on your site.

Ease of Use

Ezoic is super easy to set up and, the control panel is intuitive to use. If you have any issues, they also have incredible customer service and loads of information on their website.
Customer Service

The customer service

Ezoic provides is one of the best I have ever encountered. Once you are approved, you will be connected with an account manager who will help you set up the Ad Tester and is there to answer any questions that you might have. I swear it seems like, Laura, my Ezoic account manager never takes a day off!

Improved User Experience

One of the downsides of running ads on your site is a more clunky user experience. The good thing about Ezoic is that over time it will be able to customize the user experience to different visitor segments after it has had enough time to collect data.

The reality of Ezoic and its Ezoic review after one month

I contacted an Ezoic representative to see if the invitation was still open and, within a day, I had my account set up and integrated with one of my WordPress sites.

So, did Ezoic manage to increase my ad revenue or not?

Ezoic Review – After One Week

Before joining Ezoic, I was earning anywhere between $5 and $10 a day. When I switched to Ezoic on the 20th of Feb, I was watching figures between $10 and $30 consistently. A marked improvement.

Ezoic Review - Increase AdSense Revenue with Ezoic
Ezoic Review – Increase AdSense Revenue with Ezoic

Ezoic Review – After One Month

Here are the numbers comparing one month of earnings with AdSense and one month with Ezoic. A 212% increase in ad revenue.

Ezoic Review - AdSense Revenue with Ezoic after one month

Items to Consider Before Going with Ezoic

I think the best way to build your site is to take it one step at a time and to look forward to certain milestones like hitting a certain traffic volume, having your first $5 day, or getting approved by ad networks.

As I mentioned already, one of the biggest milestones for our website so far has been getting approved by Ezoic.

Although it would be awesome if everyone who wanted to join Ezoic could, there are several requirements that you have to meet before you get approved. It is similar to other ad networks and, it ensures that your website will be able to perform to a high standard.

Here are the Ezoic requirements that you have to meet for getting approval.

Website Traffic

Ezoic requires your website to have at least 10k visits per month. As I went over already, Ezoic is a data-driven AI system, so they require 10k visits per month minimum to be able to collect enough data to optimize your site.

With that said, depending on the quality of your content and if you meet the other requirements below, you might be able to get approved just short of 10k visits per month.

Compliant with Google

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, which means your site needs to be compliant with Google’s policies to be in the Ezoic ad network. It includes but is not limited to the following (source):

  • No invalid clicks/impressions
  • Not falsely encouraging clicks
  • No offering copyrighted material/downloads
  • Not offering counterfeit goods
  • The site should have reliable traffic sources
  • Not using automatically generated content
  • Not creating empty pages with no original content
  • No us of content that is copied from other webpages
  • Not keyword stuffing
  • No us of adult / dangerous / derogatory content
  • Not offering alcohol/tobacco / healthcare-related content
  • No us of aggressive/threatening content
  • Not using illegal content

Quality Content Rich Informational Site

Ezoic is looking for websites that publish consistent high-quality content that is informational for the reader. As of now, they don’t work with any e-commerce sites, but if you have a blog connected to your e-commerce site it could work.

How to join Ezoic?

I’ll show you how to integrate Ezoic into your blog.

There are few steps that you need to follow:

  • Create an account
  • Link your account to your blog using CloudFlare.
  1. Integrate Your Site
  2. Set Up Ad Testing
  3. Wrap Your Existing Ads Or Create New Ad Units
  • Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange program.

Create your account

  • Click om the above button to go in sign up page of the ezoic program.
  • There are two options appear.
lets get started page of Ezoic
  • If your page views are more than 10k, then click on the get started button for further process.
  • Add your email to go for further process.
  • Fill in all the details asked and sign up with Ezoic.
create Ezoic account

Note: Sub-domains are not supported. So if you have a .blogspot domain name, ensure you get a custom domain name. If you are already on a self-hosted WordPress blog, you are good to go.

Link your account to your blog using Cloudflare

Once you are inside your dashboard for the first time, you need to start with these three steps:

Ezoic guide WordPress

Integrate Your Site

  • Click on “Integrate Your Site” to start.
  • The best (& fastest) way to integrate Ezoic to your site is by using Cloudflare.
  • Click on “Integrate Now!” under the Cloudflare logo.
Ezoic integration
  • Login using your CloudFlare account.
Cloudflare Ezoic integration
  • You shall get message like the below image.
Ezoic successfully integrated
  • That’s it.

Set Up Ad Testing

  • You need to add a few lines of code between the head tag.
Step1 Ezoic Ad Tester
  • For WordPress users, download the plugin with the name header and footer to add the codes in the header.
  • Once you add the code, click on “Continue to Step 2”.
Ad testing setup

Wrap Your Existing Ads Or Create New Ad Units

  • If you already have an ad, you need to wrap those ads within the code generated after clicking on “Create New Ad Units”.
  • This image will make it easier for you to understand the process:
wrapping existing code using Ezoic
  • Once you are done replacing all existing ad units on your site with this wrapped ad unit, it’s time to add more ad units.
  • With Ezoic you can run more than 3 ad units. I would suggest keeping it at 5-6 maximum so your site doesn’t look cluttered.
  • Now, I will create a new ad unit using Ezoic & will place it in my WordPress blog’s sidebar.
  • Under “Ad Tester”, click on “+ Add Display Ad Unit”.
Create new Ezoic display ad unit
  • On the next page, select what ad unit you would like to create (refer to below image for better understanding).
Automated Ad testing for more money
  • Clicking on “Create Ad” will take you to the next page where you can get the code.
ad units backto
  • Now, all you need to do is go to the “Widget” section of your blog & paste the code into a text widget.
  • This is a basic step & anyone who has just started with WordPress should be able to do it.
  • If you are unsure, here is an image to understand the various ad locations on a blog:
Location of ads on the site
  • Once you have added the code in your blog’s sidebar, create more ad units & add the codes onto your blog.
  • Do ensure you go to the “Turn On/Off” section & turn on ad types for all devices.

Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange:

Go back to the Ezoic dashboard & you will notice one more field called “Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange.”

Googles ad exchange
  • Click on that, fill out a quick form, and your application will be submitted.
  • Now, go back to the Ezoic dashboard & you will see the following text below “Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange”:
  • “We are waiting for Google to review your application. This can take from 1 – 24 hours.”
  • Ad Testing & Placement.

To start using Ezoic, you need to install the Ezoic Chrome addon.

What Ads Does Ezoic Display?

By default, Ezoic has you sign up with the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

This exchange allows thousands of ad networks to compete for your ad spots with real-time bidding.

But now you might be asking this question:

What if I’m using AdSense, Media.net, or another ad network to monetize my site; does Ezoic completely replace them?


But you will need to install another app into your Ezoic account.

It’s called Mediation.

The Mediation app allows you to link your existing ads into Ezoic’s testing.

Ezoic Mediation App

Use Mediation to link your existing ad network accounts to Ezoic.

Ad networks that are set up in Mediation will compete with Ezoic’s own ad partners for the advertising inventory on your website.

This means that your existing ads will enter the same bidding marketplace as the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Key features of Ezoic

Below are the key features which will you help more.

Site Speed Accelerator

ezoic review- site speed accelerator window

It is Ezoic’s site speed and caching tool, which can dramatically improve your page speed. Based on Ezoic’s study from December 2019, they claimed that on average websites increased their site speed by 200%, after implementing the Site Speed Accelerator.

From my own experience after implementing the Site Speed Accelerator, my site speed didn’t increase by 200%, but it did increase by more than 100%. It is much better than other site speed plugins I have tried.

Big Data Analytics

ezoic review - big data analytics

Ezoic’s a free analytics tool that looks and feels a lot like Google Analytics. The difference is that with Big Data Analytics, you can see much more specific ad revenue data like revenue by landing page and revenue by the device. It would not be possible to track these types of metrics through the free version of Google Analytics.

Google AMP Converter

ezoic review - google AMP converter

Ezoic’s Layout Tester works similarly to the Ad Tester., Except that it tests your page layout instead of the ad layout. With the Layout Tester, Ezoic’s system will automatically perform a series of multivariate tests to determine which layout is best suited for which user segment and will display the best layout based on the data. The Layout Tester also runs the same multivariate tests for your mobile pages.

I haven’t been able to use this tool yet, but once my Ad Tester has had more time to collect data, I plan to use this too.

What Is Ezoic Referral Program?

While affiliate marketing continues to rise, Ezoic did not waste its time to implement its very own referral program or affiliate marketing program. For those who are looking to earn through Ezoic aside from using it as an ad platform, the first thing you should know about it is how its referral program works.

There are several Ad platforms you can choose from, but only Ezoic currently offers an affiliate program.

The ad platform claims that the Ezoic affiliate marketing program is dedicated to people who are likely to introduce the Ezoic platform to other people who own websites and digital publishers.

For any affiliate marketer, the crown jewels are Recurring Affiliate commissions. Nothing is better than seeing money go into your account each month and with the Ezoic affiliate program, this amount will increase as your clients’ websites or business grows.

In short… If they grow their own business you earn more! Win, Win in my eyes.

The introduction phase is the first step to get those people to sign-up for an account with Ezoic. For every successful referral, the members will get monthly commissions. The earnings will come from the income of the website owners or publishers who signed up through their recommendation links.

According to Ezoic, all you have to do is to introduce a new customer to their platform and get them signed up and accepted by Ezoic. After that, the next step would be sitting back and relaxing while you wait for your passive income to accumulate.

There are pretty simple ways to make an introduction as well. Ezoic lets you use tracking tags that you can send to publishers or you can directly introduce them to the website. If you know several people looking for this kind of ad platform, the Ezoic referral program is ideal for you.

Pros and Cons of Ezoic Affiliate Marketing Program

The Ezoic affiliate program has pros and cons, just like many ad platforms scattered on the internet. For you to evaluate carefully if this is worth it to try, I have summarized all the information you should know about its benefits and advantages.

PRO: 3% commission of the total revenue from publishers

This is the first and major benefit you can get from the Ezoic Affiliate Program, as what the ad platform suggests. If you refer people to use the platform, you can easily earn a good 3% commission of the total revenue of the publishers which will collect and put into Ezoic Earnings.

Ezoic will then pay you every month to credit you for your effort. It is a good thing since you don’t have to wait for verifications anymore. The commission will credit to you immediately once a sale is made through the platform and, you can withdraw it in the following month.

PRO: Recurring Monthly Commissions

Nothing beats regular commissions going straight into your Paypal or Bank account. It is in the interest of the website owner to push their business forward as they have invested lots of time and money into their site. Therefore you earn more money each month as their hard work pays off for you and themselves.

There is no cap on the earnings you can make from referring people to sign up to Ezoic!

According to Ezoic, there is an unlimited conversion rate and there is no maximum when it comes to commission. You can recruit as many publishers and website owners as you want so you can earn more.

Imagine having several websites with the Ezoic affiliate program and, they all start making $1000’s each month through Ezoic ads showing on their website. You’ll get 3% from each one.

Nice! Earn 3% from other people’s websites running ads here!

PRO: Easy Withdrawal Process

The platform lets you withdraw your earnings once you have accumulated $20 or more and made at least one conversion. Conversion is when your referred publisher starts making money through the Ezoic platform.

You can also opt to be paid through PayPal, Check, or ACH. The payment policy used by the Ezoic Affiliate Program includes the withdrawal of your previous month’s earnings to be made at the end of the current month. So, if you want to withdraw your payout for November, you do so in December.

It’s an easy withdrawal process and, I haven’t seen any feedback saying that Ezoic has failed to pay its users. I have always received my affiliate commissions without issues every month.

PRO: Good for new website owners

Ezoic is one of the only ad platforms (Apart from Google Adsense) that doesn’t require huge traffic from website owners and publishers. If the website has a recorded visit of 5,000 guests every month, it can use the ad platform to earn revenue.

This is unlike any other ad platform such as Mediavine that requires more than 25,000 visitors every month. And thrive, which requires 100,000 pageviews a month to be accepted. It is the best platform to recommend to website owners who don’t have a lot of experience online yet.

PRO: Dashboard and Tracking

Ezoic has one of the best tracking systems I have used. I have used Google, Ezoic, and Mediavine and, I have to say Ezoic is by far the best.

Their updated dashboard in 2020 is one of the easiest to read and track the progress of payments and referrals. You can see payments made and due at the click of a button. You can see the progress of the customers you have referred by their traffic numbers paid.


CON: Not ideal for long-term revenue

Now the thing is, Ezoic is not for people who are looking for a long-term ad platform as their earnings per 1000 views are not the highest out there.

The figures are pretty good if you compare it with Google Adsense but compared to MediaVine or Adthrive it can be much lower. Now, don’t get me wrong… If you allow their system to optimize your ad settings and play around with different ad sets, then you can earn just as much from Ezoic as you can from any other platform.

Mediavine is the next step on the ad revenue platform once a website hits 25k visitors a month.

However, right out of the box, Ezoic will not pay as much as some other premium ad partners.

People who sign up to Ezoic and start earning you some affiliate commissions, often leave Ezoic after a short period. Instantly losing you your recurring monthly commissions.

This is because as soon as their website accumulates 25,000 visitors or more in a month, they are likely to transfer to other affiliate programs such as Mediavine and Adthrive. This means that you will likely lose your affiliates once they stop using Ezoic.

Conclusion on Ezoic Review

Overall I have been extremely happy with Ezoic. Other than running into a little trouble with my site speed and caching plugin compatibility with Ezoic at first, the setup was easy to complete and now Ezoic is automatically collecting data and optimizing my ad configuration day in and day out.

The best part about working with Ezoic is their customer service. I mentioned it before, but from the beginning, I was connected with an account manager who was there to answer any questions I had and to help me set up Ezoic.

They have even provided timely reports on the growth of my EPMV over time. Even though this is still a smaller site, my account manager doesn’t treat it like that whatsoever.

What are pageview requirements for Ezoic Monetization?

For Monetization, features are available to all sites. We’ve removed pageview requirements, but sites with less than 10,000 pageviews must join through a program we call Access Now.
1.) Access Now is our Monetization program available for growing sites with less than 10,000 monthly pageviews.
2.) Sites with more than 10,000 monthly pageviews can sign-up here.

Is Ezoic difficult to use?

We’ve made Ezoic as intuitive as possible so anyone can use it—no coding or technical experience is required. Our team has made it a priority to give users access to abundant help resources and tutorials so they can control their experimentation.
In addition to resources, our Ezoic has a robust support team that is available every day of the week around the clock. You can create a ticket for support at support.ezoic.com.

What impact, if any, will Ezoic have on SEO?

Improvements to visitor experience metrics send positive signals to search engines. We’ve conducted case studies that show Ezoic implementation results in improved search engine rankings.  
For example, in January of 2018, we studied 50 new sites using Ezoic that derived the majority of their traffic from organic search. One year later, the average publisher in this group saw an 85% improvement in traffic and a 24% improvement in keywords that ranked in organic search results.