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What is Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is a social media management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes and social media marketing agencies drive customer engagement across platforms. Key features of the system include content publishing, content curation, bulk scheduling, article and image curation, hashtag recommendation, customer service management, post analytics, and more among others. It also lets admins create customizable RSS feeds and preview posts before publishing on a unified interface. The company has a crowdfire affiliate program from which participants can earn.

We are using multiple social media to connect with friends, to get information on various fields & many more. Each social media having its strengths. But It is very hectic to manage all of them because of different login credential & their different applications.

Every time we have to open one by one & close it. But to avoid all those activities to open all applications one by one, Crowdfire gives you a solution for that. It can manage your social media accounts for free.

You can post multiple images, videos, articles with the help of Crowdfire. This application having advanced analytics where you can track all activities about posts, feeds, friends, followers & more. Let’s have a look at how it works?

Features of the Crowdfire App

  • Draft posts and schedule them to go live at the time you want.
  • Automatically find and recommend articles and images your followers will like, so you can share them with your entire social network.
  • Schedule all your posts in advance and post them automatically at the best times or at a time chosen by you, thereby saving you tons of time and effort.
  • Find inactive users and unfollowers whom you can unfollow if you desire to.
  • Keep track of how your social media updates affect your followers/unfollower statistics.
  • Add your favorite website and blogs as your source for new content using RSS features and many more features.
  • Crowdfire is used by over 10 million Twitter and Instagram users, ranging from small businesses, influencers, sellers to seIf-employed individuals.

How to join Crowdfire?

Click on the below link to start and do the below procedure step by step.

1-Simply click on the above get started button. It will divert you to the Crowdfire sign-up page of the official website. You can join Crowdfire with your mail or with Twitter or Facebook account. Once you join any of the accounts then it will be a login credential for the Crowdfire.

getting started option of crowdfire

2-Once you sign up or log in with it, you will get the icons of the social media where you can simply connect with a username & password to join these accounts.

Dashboard of crowdfire

3-Here is an example of it. For Joining your TikTok account, simply click on the TikTok icon & enter your profile details & hit the connect button. Your account will connect to the Crowdfire.

4-With the same procedure, you can connect your social media account with Crowdfire.

5. Note that the WordPress blog option is for someone who operates a site. If you want to connect to a site (essentially a website hosted by anybody other than WordPress themselves), you should simply select the Blog option.

6. Content Curation is one of Crowdfire’s strengths. There are four options shown in the left menu: Articles, Images, My Posts, and RSS. There is essentially a fifth option, in that you can download Crowdfire’s Chrome extension, allowing you to share virtually any webpage you come across.

content creation menu of crowdfire

You can use these to create social posts, both from others’ content (Articles, Images, RSS) and your own (My Posts).
The My Posts section goes to your connected blog, YouTube / Twitch channel, or online shop, and searches for any recent content. Crowdfire then creates potential social posts for each of your connected social accounts.

7. Crowdfire uses the Articles and Images sections to suggest suitable content that you can share (to Pinterest and Instagram in the case of Images). What is particularly lovely here is that they give you plenty of opportunities to refine your article/image recommendations. You can select topics at quite a granular level, and even signpost suggested content sites that you don’t want as recommendations in the future.

When you do select an item of content to share, Crowdfire will come up with suggested social posts, that you can modify and customize for each social account.

8-Here other social media platforms are given below, which can connect with the same. You can connect with the online streaming platform mentioned below the image.

9-In the Analytics option, you can track up to the last 30 days‘ data. You can track your friends, followers, likes, comments & many more in the overview option of the analytics.

10-In the Advanced analytics option, you can track all the data about your social media from your single data to your friend you gain, followers, as you get per day.

crowdfire analytics

You can track audience growth, engagement breakdown, organic engagement breakdown, promoted engagement breakdown, user profile clicks, impressions, likes per RTs, video overview, matrices & many more. 

11-You can track your competitor’s details & reports also with this tool. 

12-You can able to schedule your post on any of your connected social media with Crowdfire.

Why you should become a Crowdfire Affiliate?

  • You get a generous 35% commission.
  • You can earn up to $420 for every customer you bring in.
  • We can easily track the number of clicks you have generated, how much you have earned, and when your next amount is due using the Affiliate dashboard.
  • It is an unsaturated affiliate program and niche.
  • The affiliate program offers opportunities for everyone from bloggers to affiliate networks and all sources of traffic are accepted.
  • You’ll get quick, hassle-free payouts via Paypal or Stripe. As soon as you earn $50 in referrals, you can cash out your earnings any time you’d like!

Pricing of Crowdfire

As a SaSS platform, access to Crowdfire is sold on a monthly or annual basis. There are discounts for annual payments. Crowdfire offers a limited free plan and three paid plans. 

  • Free – 4 social accounts (1 each of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram), 10 scheduled posts per social account, article curation, image curation, multiple image posts, social and advanced analytics (1 day’s data), ad-supported
  • Plus, $9.99/mo – 10 social accounts, 100 scheduled posts per social account, connect 5 RSS feeds, custom posting schedule, multiple image posts, video posts, social and advanced analytics (30 days data), and post analytics
  • Premium, $49.99/mo – 25 social accounts, 100 scheduled posts per social account, connect 15 RSS feeds, custom posting schedule, multiple image posts, video posts, basic, advanced, and post analytics, competitor analysis (2 competitors per social account), monitor and reply to mentions, schedule with calendar view, bulk schedule, can add & manage one profile and team member
  • VIP, $99.99/mo – 250 social accounts, 800 scheduled posts per social account, connect 25 RSS feeds, custom posting schedule, multiple image posts, video posts, basic, advanced, and post analytics, competitor analysis (20 competitors per social account), monitor and reply to mentions, schedule with calendar view, bulk schedule, can add & manage two profiles and team members (and add further at $25/ additional profile or team member)


  1. The main advantage of Crowdfire is, it has a free version.
  2. Plus package is affordable to most of the person.
  3. Its interface so easy to use.


My personal experience saying that it is the best software that can manage all social media accounts, & others also. Because I am using it for the last year.

Common Questions

What is the Crowdfire Referral Program?

The Crowdfire Referral Program is an exciting opportunity for you to earn cash by referring Crowdfire to your audience. It’s a small way for us to thank you for your efforts in bringing more users to Crowdfire!
So when anyone signs up on Crowdfire using your Referral link, you get 35% of all payments they make to Crowdfire during the first year. In Cash.

How does it work?

Share your link with your audience – They subscribe using your referral link – We pay you!

How many friends can you refer to Crowdfire?

There’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer to Crowdfire! That means unlimited earnings.

How do I join the Crowdfire Referral Program?

If you’re an existing Crowdfire user – 
1. Sign in to Crowdfire and head over to Settings > Earn from Referrals
2. You’ll see your unique referral link. Copy the link and share it away!

If you’re not a Crowdfire user, 
You can either sign up to Crowdfire and then follow the steps above, or simply follow the steps below to be part of the program without signing up to Crowdfire (affiliate) –

Get Started Now ->>>>
1. Click on Get Started Now and follow the steps to create your Crowdfire referral account
2. Once done, you’ll be directed to your dashboard where you can generate your unique link, track referrals, payouts and also download promotional material to help you out.

Will this apply to every referral I get?

Yes! Every user who signs up to Crowdfire using your tracking link is considered your referral. As soon as he becomes a paying subscriber, you start earning a part of his Crowdfire subscription fee for the first year of his subscription.

What happens when a user you refer, signs up for our yearly plan?

You get 35% of his 1st yearly subscription fee.

E.g. You referred Alex to Crowdfire and he signed up for our VIP Yearly – US$399.99 plan. You will receive US$140 as your referral bonus as soon as he makes his payment! 

What happens when a user you refer, signs up for our monthly plan?

You get 35% of his monthly subscription fee, for the first 12 months that he remains a paid subscriber with us.
e.g. You referred John to Crowdfire and he signed up for our VIP Monthly – US$99.99 plan. You will receive US$35 as your referral bonus for every month that he remains a paid subscriber. At the end of 12 months, you would have earned a total of USD 420 as your referral bonus.

Do I need to be an existing user to join the Crowdfire Referral Program?

No. You don’t need to be a Crowdfire user to join the program. Just follow the steps mentioned earlier to join as an affiliate and get your unique referral link and dashboard.

Will I be paid every time my referred friend makes a payment?

Yes, you get 35% every single time your friend makes a payment during the first year of your friend’s subscription.

How can I transfer my referral earnings back to my account?

Log in to your dashboard here. We currently support PayPal and Stripe as an option to pay out your earnings.
Note: Make sure you signed up with the email address that you used in Crowdfire.