Blogging as a Career Job

Blogging seems like a great career. Being a professional blogger is like being your own boss, flexible schedules, and moreover, you can do blogging wherever you want; all you need is a Laptop and network. Sounds cool. Huh?

Many people think that blogging is only meant for a part-time profession or is just a hobby. They are unaware of the term professional blogging.

I’m happy. Because you are one of them who actually know that there’s a term called “Professional blogging”.

If you are one of those who are willing to make blogging a profession,

then this post is for you. I’ll explain all the things you must be aware of, you must know before being a so-called pro blogger.

Why you should consider blogging as a career

You develop new skills

Owning and managing a blog is a lot of hard work. It requires learning how to customize a website, copywriting, social media, PR, graphic design, SEO, and many other things.

While it might sound scary, literally anybody that knows how to use a computer and has Internet access can start blogging as a career.

There are thousands of articles, tutorials, and courses on how to start a blog.

You don’t need to be a web developer or a coder to get a blog up and running. There are so many options available without having to learn any of them.

You can learn graphic design while avoiding using Adobe Suite. I wish I knew this a few years ago because I was never really interested in learning Adobe.

There is much user-friendly software, such as Canva, that is made for beginner bloggers so that you can learn everything about graphic design in a couple of days.

The good part is that if later down the line you decide that you do not wish to pursue blogging as a career, you will have learned so many new skills that you will have more career choices.

You become an authority in your niche

I bet you are thinking that you cannot start a career in blogging because you are not a writer. What if I tell you that some of the most successful bloggers out there are not writers either?

The only thing that you need to be is knowledgeable enough in a specific topic that other people will be able to learn from your expertise.

Blogging eventually means providing value to other people and solving their problems with your expertise.

This can be anything from raising kids, home décor, digital marketing, accounting, recruiting, how to run a business, how to lose weight, sports, cars, travel, food recipes, fashion, literally anything that you can think of.

If you have a full-time job and decide to start blogging as a side hustle, this can be a great way to showcase your expertise if blogging is related to your day job.

Your blog can be used as a portfolio and also it can help you connect with other people in your industry.

Blogging opens so many doors and even if blogging is not your career choice, it can lead to discovering a new career path.

You make money

Depending on how much time you decide to invest in blogging, you can earn not only a side income, but make a great living out of it.

Bloggers from around the world are making anything from 3,000$ per month and up to more than 100,000$ per month. Yes, you read that right. You can make 100,000$ per month from blogging. I personally, quit my full-time job after a year of blogging and now I make a full-time income from this blog that you are reading right now.

The beautiful thing about blogging is that you take out what you put in. If you are serious about it, you can grow your blog into a thriving business.

You become your own boss

One of the things that all bloggers, both successful and the ones that failed, agree on one thing: it’s impossible NOT to make a career blogging if you are serious about it.

Blogging indeed requires time and dedication, however, if you are serious about it, you can see the results after 6 months.

While it might seem like a long time, how long does it take to get a promotion or a pay rise in the corporate world?

You can start making more than 6,000$ after 12 to 18 months of blogging. How long would it take to make that much money as an employee?

For any standards, making 6,000$  per month will allow you to be your own boss and to focus full time on growing your own blogging business.

Unlike other types of businesses, blogging requires a minimum investment, as little as $3.95/month with Bluehost. Bluehost is a hosting provider, which you will need if you want to monetize your website.

Get your hosting now for as little as $3.95/month. So, for a $48 investment, you get your hosting for 12 months, a free domain name, and a complete website set up with just one click. As I mentioned above, you don’t need to know anything about setting up websites.

Skills Needed For a Career in Blogging

Going back to my original point of whether or not blogging is a good career path, there are definitely some skills that you have to have in order to be a successful blogger.

Good Writing Skills

I’ve known a lot of freelance writers who started a personal blog and were soon making a lucrative income. However, we’re not all professional writers, and the truth is that if you can’t write or you’re not big on writing, then you’re not going to do well with blogging.

While you can always outsource, you’ll still need to edit and revise. If you’re not a good writer, you probably won’t be a much better editor. Unfortunately, blogging isn’t the best career option for everyone. But if you have the writing skills, you might as well give it a shot.


You absolutely have to work hard at this blogging stuff. It isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, but it can be a reality if you work hard at it.


Since starting in 2014, I’ve also discovered that patience is a very good quality to have as a blogger.

In that first year, you’re not going to see a lot of success. Heck, even I lost money my first year.


You need to be stubborn. If someone asks you why blogging is a good idea, and you’re still building your site, you won’t be able to show off your income report quite yet. However, if you keep at it and don’t up in the face of adversity, you are going to succeed.

Even when you’re just starting and not seeing the results you might want, you have to keep pushing through. As long as you’re stubborn enough to persist even through the tough times, you’ll make it to the other side with a nice chunk of change in your pocket.


You also need to be organized to be able to run any type of business, and a blog is no different. While this may seem like it’s simple and all you need to do is show up and write once in a while, there are so many intricate details to a blog that meticulous organization is a big positive.

When you first start building a blog, you’ll find that there are many different website builders, web hosts, and thousands of digital marketing tools that can help you take your blog and website to the next level. You have to be able to be organized enough to test different tools, keep track of results, and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Lack of organization will quickly prevent even the best blogger from becoming a pro blogger.

Consistency is the key here

Blogging cannot bear results without consistent efforts and writing. You should never ever let your blog be barren. Fix a blog publishing schedule and stick to it.

Consistent publishing helps your readers when to expect a new post from your blog. In the long run, it increases your readership greatly.

You may get no or few comments for your posts. Don’t get discouraged as long as people are reading your blog. Keep on pumping new high-quality posts on your blog. Inconsistent posting spoils your brand image and hurts your reputation.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Just like any other career you have to look at other variables like career advancement with bloggers.

Do bloggers have advancement opportunities?

Well, not really, because you’re working for yourself. You’re not going to get a promotion because….you’re the boss already.

There’s not going to be someone who says, “Oh, great job on this article. You deserve a promotion!” That’s not how it works.

Growth is 100% on your shoulders, which is definitely a big positive. The harder you work and the better decisions you make, the bigger you can get.

Blogging can definitely lead to other opportunities like speaking or consulting if you choose to position yourself in this way. But if you want a pat on the back, it will come from no one else but yourself.

Work/Life Balance

Next, let’s talk about work/life balance. Most people worry a ton about this before starting their blog.

They think they may work too hard and may not balance out their personal life and their work.

My response? Good.

The reality is that you may not want as much time off as you’re thinking and here’s why…

If you’re doing it right, you’re going to be addicted to your own blog or your own business.

Your heart will race when you see that first visitor pop up on analytics.

You’ll smile wide when you make your first dollar with display ads.

You’ll go to bed every single night wanting to wake up to work on your own blog.

Frankly, if you’re like me, you don’t really consider blogging “work”. As you grow, it becomes a hobby, a passion, and it just so happens to be your job as well.

Keep in mind that it isn’t easy.

The first few months may be a struggle. But once you’ve gotten used to blogging, you’re going to find some success, and then you can then reinvest some of the money that you’re making to hire others to help grow your business. This is when things get big.

But the point is, you dictate your own schedule and you can go at your own pace. If you only want to work 20 hours a week on your blog, then fine, you can do that. If you want to work 40 hours a week, you can do that, too. But 80 hours? That is really not recommended, but if you want to do that you can.


Of course, just like any business you start, there is a risk to this career path. There are certain things that can happen that can really impact your business drastically in a couple of days.

For instance, you can have a Google update which may drop (or could increase) your blog traffic by 30-40%. While this doesn’t happen all the time, it is a risk that you have to be willing to take.

There was also a recent thing that happened were Amazon, which has the largest affiliate program in the world, decided to lower their commissions. This hurt the earnings of a lot of bloggers and things like this just happen sometimes.

But if you think about this objectively, is any job really safe?

I worked in corporate America for about eight years and lost my job twice when it was no fault of my own. The first time there were budget cuts, the second time the egos of three executives essentially crushed the marketing department.

Although there are some risks to blogging, I really think it’s crazier to trust an employer with your financial future and let them dictate everything and control you. Instead, you can create your own path where you navigate everything and you determine how much money you can make, blogging is the way to do it.

OK, but how exactly do you make money blogging?

There are so many ways to make money blogging. Some of the most common ways to monetize a blog are:

  • ads
  • affiliate marketing
  • sponsored posts
  • creating and selling your own digital products such as e-courses, e-books, organizers, printables
  • selling services
  • writing reviews

It really depends on the blogging niche that you choose. Some bloggers make money mostly through ads, others, such as Michelle through affiliate marketing, and others through all the above.

She makes more than 60,000$ per month through affiliate marketing.

Others prefer creating and selling their own digital products, such as Ana of The She Approach.

She has created several courses, one of which is about how to use Pinterest for blogging and which has proven a great way for her to increase her blogging income.

Bottom line is that blogging as a career is a great option if you want to earn more money, without having to wait years to do so and to be your own boss.

A career in blogging allows you to have your own schedule, work from anywhere, and have more time to spend with your family and loved ones.